is a fully categorized and electronic library in upstream section of petroleum industry. It contains nearly all fundamental topics for anyone who wants to work or study in petroleum engineering. What's more, iPetro not only provide specialists and students with the best information but also it helps them learn those subjects by English narrated videos.

          A comprehensive source of knowledge in all petroleum engineering sections
         A categorized encyclopedia in petroleum engineering
         Including more than 1600 educational videos, 9800 images and 5500 text files visualizing and explaining nearly all aspect of petroleum industry
         Covering more than 2000 most important topics in petroleum industry
         Regularly updated by petroleum specialists
         A portable library in your computer
         An electronic handbook for specialist
         What all petroleum students need in their theses
         What all petroleum engineers need in their technical reports
         Integrated e-learning petroleum upstream technology
         Your dedicated petroleum university

Suitable for:
         Managers and Petroleum experts of upstream section of oil and gas industry
         Those who wants to go abroad to pursue their studies
         Newly graduated petroleum engineers
         All Students and specialists of exploration, geology, geophysics, petrophysics, drilling, production, process and reservoir engineering

         Visually aided
         Easy to use
         Regularly updated

It covers the following main topics:

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