MAGMA Drilling Services (MDS)

MDS Provide both engineering and operations practiced onshore and offshore . Our specialists have global experience and local knowledge to give our clients practical guidance that saves time and delivers performance, without compromising the quality of the output. MDS Section is organized to provide the following services on the basis of international practice and standards : 

Drilling Management
Drilling and completion program preparation  
Initial project cost estimation and Budgeting  
Project control and scheduling  
Drilling operation coordination  
Drilling operation logistic  
Vendor selection  

Drilling Engineering
AFE preparation
Chemical and mud engineering
Material management and control
Geological support
Bit selection based on field experiences
Hydraulic design
Casing design
Well test design
Logging and coring requirements
Completion string design
Reporting and end of well report preparation

Drilling Operation
Well site and coordinate selection
Field drilling supervision
Drilling supervision
Completion run and installation
Mud engineering

Geological Operation
Field geology supervision
Geology supervision
Well forecast report preparation
Correlation chart and Board chart preparation
Well completion report preparation
Well final report peroration

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