Full Field Studies and MDP Preparation of SABALAN Geothermal Field was Awarded to MAGMA Energy.

The Mt. Sabalan volcano has been produced by magmatism which has resulted from over-thickening of the crust due to the under thrusting of the regional tectonic plates.  The magma associated with this process has produced the initial large volcanic edifice that finally resulted in caldera collapse and a break in volcanic activity.  Volcanism eventually resumed infilling much of the caldera.  Intrusion of a series of young stocks trending northwards followed this event. From the satellite study it is apparent that the major tectonic features within the Mt Sabalan area consists of a series of semi-continuous, nested caldera structures and the development of sinistral strike-slip faults which have formed a NE-trending block with compressive structures that strikes WNW at right angles to the vector of regional tectonic plate movement. The Mt Sabalan geothermal system is located in northwest Iran in the province of Azarbayjan-e Khavari, approximately 150 km west of the provincial capital Tabriz.



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