MAGMA is pleased to offer the oil industry an excellent Consulting service. This is a total service covering the entire upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. This service will be provided by our highly experienced and highly qualified consultants. We act as a virtual oil company for you carrying out most daily work including studies, interpretation, planning, well design and other related services.Our consulting services include:


Reservoir Study and Development  

    Explanation and interpretation of seismographic and petrochemical data
    Preparing geological model and performing geological study
    Basic reservoir engineering
    Reservoir performance analysis
    Preliminary and full field simulation study, production enhancement and prediction
    Processing systems analysis
    Economical calculation
    Enhanced/ Improved Oil Recovery (EOR/ IOR study)


Drilling Management and Supervision

    Drilling Management
    Drilling and completion program preparation
    Initial project cost estimation and Budgeting
    Project control and scheduling
    Drilling operation coordination
    Drilling operation logistic
    Vendor selection


Drilling Engineering

    AFE preparation.
    Chemical and mud engineering
    Material management and control
    Geological support
    Bit selection based on field experiences
    Hydraulic design
    Casing design
    Well test design
    Logging and coring requirements
    Completion string design
    Reporting and end of well report preparation


Geological Studies

    Regional geology studies
    Structural geology studies
    Sedimentological studies
    Stratigraphy studies
    Structural analysis
    Preparing of different geological Maps
    Palaeontology Studies
    Facies study (regional and local Scale from difference source)
    Core description and Preparing related reports
    Fracture study
    Geological zonation
    Investigation of regional aquifer
    Investigation of image log
    3D Geological modelling


Geological Operation

    Field geology supervision
    Geology supervision
    Well forecast report preparation
    Correlation chart and Board chart preparation
    Well completion report preparation
    Well final report peroration


Production Engineering Services

    Study different enhanced production methods based on reservoir study and well test, defining best option from technical economical concerns
    Analysis of well productivity index tests, offer the last technology in this field and recommend an enhanced method to test wells
    Study production problems of current wells regarding hydraulic, Asphaltine, gas blockage phenomenon, etc.
    Find remedy algorithms. Studying exiting processing systems, modifications and synchronize them with up to date international technology
    Study current measuring systems, defining problems and providing solutions concerning international technologies


Surface Facilities services

    Study required down hole systems and oil hydraulic production and transfer system from wells to production units and from units to gathering centeres
    Study the optimum locations of build satellite manifolds, required facilities in manifold, oil transfer system
    Study artificial lifting methods
    Study different re-pressurising methods at well head or satellite manifolds
    Study different methods of oil, gas and associated water processing and the optimum method to separate oil from gas, brine and H2S
    Study required surface facility to injection gas, water or other necessary fluids


Training Services

    Technical Training Course
    Software Training Course
    In-house Courses






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