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 MAGMA is an oil and gas consultant company which was established in early 2005. Its main activities are upstream oil and gas reservoir study projects, in various disciplines, such as petroleum engineering, geological studies, petrophysic, production engineering, drilling engineering, well site geology and other related services for both onshore and offshore fields. Also The Company was incorporated in primarily as a training company in the oil and gas industry providing training courses in all aspects of the oil industry, including reservoir engineering and simulation drilling, completion, production, log analysis and petroleum geology training.

An expert team of highly professional reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, petrophysist, geologists, and production engineers having several experiences in different branches of oil and gas reservoir studies and modeling, is included in the Company. The primary objective of a reservoir study is to predict future performance of a reservoir and find ways and means of increasing ultimate recovery. Classical reservoir engineering deals with the reservoir on a gross average basis (tank model) and cannot account adequately for the variations in reservoir and fluid parameters in space and time. Reservoir simulation by computers allows a more detailed study of the reservoir dividing the reservoir into a number of blocks (sometimes several thousand) and applying fundamental equations for flow in porous media to each block. Digital computer programs that perform the necessary calculations to do such model studies are called computer models. Because of the advances made since the early 1950s in computer hardware and software technology, it is now possible to write rather sophisticated models to simulate some of the very complex processes that take place in reservoir during the implementation of recovery schemes. Reservoir simulation technology is being constantly improved and enhanced. New models to simulate more and more complex recovery schemes are being proposed all the time.The company is consists of a central management and also divided into five independent sections as follows:


     SSE  : Subsurface Engineering Section
     USE  : Upstream Surface Engineering Section
     MDS : Drilling Services Section
     MEX : Exploration Services Section
     MTS : Training Section
     SDS : Software Development Section


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